16 June 2012

Giving up

Give up the struggle and the fight;
relax in the omnipotence of the Lord Jesus;
look up into His lovely face and as you behold Him,
He will transform you into His likeness.
You do the beholding--He does the transforming.
There is no short-cut to holiness.
Alan Redpath

Joining Sandy in the stillness


Wendy @ ECTaS said...

This is the second post in 2 mins to say something similar and remind me of the following text: "In quietness and confidence shall be your strength" -- Isaiah 30:15

MrsP said...

Your title brought me here from Still Saturday, and I was not disappointed. You are so right. As God remakes us, He absorbs more and more of what was once our old flesh,and makes us more and more into His own light. Giving up, indeed. Not defeat, not by any means.

caryjo said...

His continuation of transformation of my body, soul, and spirit is one of the most glorious blessings of my life. Thank you.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I LOVE the name of your blog
and send you glad thanks
for the beautiful stir
....going palms up
and heart grinning light
with surrender
as your post
reminds me again
to put my hands in the air:):):)
joy to you,

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