08 June 2012

Life here is... and the scent of water

Life on an acreage in the Canadian prairies is like living a dream I never knew I had
more than I could have imagined
here is space, and clean air and freedom to be
here is a sky littered with stars
here is where my dog runs and runs and runs without ever leaving her own land
here are barn cats and hummingbirds and fresh veggies from the garden

and here is well water, an almost endless supply to pump from the ground into our home
and with it the unpleasant aroma that can seem to take up every inch of indoors
when the filtration system malfunctions or simply can't handle the balance of matter in the water

I light scented candles to mask the smell
I shower quickly
dishes are washed and rinsed with alarming speed
and, yes, I complain...

This morning, I think of those who have no water at all
or they have water but if they drink it they will die anyway
we use sweet, clear bottled water for drinking and cooking
my health is not threatened
and I know things will sort themselves out

so pardon me for my grumbling
and if you feel led to pray
pray for those who live and die without all we take for granted


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