14 June 2012

Seeking real

I like to think of myself as a disciple of Jesus
listening, watching, following
His call to abide the song that heats my blood
stirs every fibre, urging me on
to be ever more like Him
in thought, in word, in action
this is my desire.

This too, is where I fall ever short
so unlke Him, so much like me
this tangled maze of raw emotion

This is where it gets messy
when the inside leaks through cracks
to hide behind the mask of perfect Christ likeness
like so many others accomplish with ease
is a lie I cannot tell
my skin too thin to cover
so seeking real I spill out here
recognizing He already knows my ugly

Where I want to find love for those who have wounded me
I have found the storehouse empty
old cuts still sting, bleed fresh tears

yet in that salty confession
waits thousands of second chances....

Walking with Emily and the wounded, imperfect but wholly loved



Brandee Shafer said...

Authenticity is its own ministry; keep on being your real self. If people want perfect, they should go straight to Christ Himself. Human perfection is a lie.

Emily Wierenga said...

there is so much here... "so unlike Him, so much like me"... "when the inside leaks through cracks" (reminding me of leonard cohen) and "yet in that salty confession waits thousands of second chances." a beautiful, stirring write, friend. thank you.

Sandra Heska King said...

Always we fall short and it gets messy and the inside leaks through the cracks. But He is the God of thousands of second chances.

Beautiful, Karin.

Old Ollie said...

Brandee is correct - authenticity is the key.

Nacole said...

visiting this week's highlighted posts from Emily's. beautiful poem. i really like your thoughts. so much like mine a lot of the time.

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