03 June 2011

Every day - Five Minute Friday

I'm finally taking a minute, actually five minutes, to join in the fun with The Gypsy Mama who invites us to "Indulge in five rich, delicious minutes of pure writing" each Friday.

This week the prompt was every day.
Every day I look to the forcast as if it were something magical, as if I could plan my day, every day.

Every day this week there have been little pictures of clouds covering even smaller pictures of the sun.

Every day the winds have blown strong and the heat I've been craving has been kept away, every day.

Every day the flowers wait to find their home, planted in rich prairie soil.  Instead they sit in small plastic pots and trays, ladies in waiting, wanting to thrive.

Every day I look to the skies.  Every day evening rolls in with much left to be done.

Every day I say a prayer for the farmers who also wait, every day, to put their future in ground that is too wet to work. 

Every day I say thanks to the One Who knows; when the clouds will break, when the sun will shine, when the chill in the air will be chased away by Summer's heat;  for He knows the secrets of yesterday, today and tomorrow, the promise of every day.

Come on over to Lisa Jo's and join the fun.


Sophia said...

Hello! I'm stopping by from Gypsy Mama for 5 minute Friday!!

Yes, itsn't it good to know that God is completely in charge of the weather? He knows when your plants (and you!) will get the sunshine they crave. :-) Summer will be here all-to-soon.

God bless!

Pat Hatt said...

Everyday I leave the house
Everyday the cat wants to eat a mouse
Everyday I get to work
Yet everyday I come to lurk
Everyday there is more rain
Everyday I pop a vein
Oh that was rather fun
And your write was well done

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