27 June 2011

Written on the floor?

I'm fairly bold here in this space, sharing at random whatever the Lord may be whispering in my ear, or pressing on my heart.  So I shall bravely share what happened this morning, well aware that those of you who don't yet think of me as a bit off balance, left of center, or just plain nuts may join those who already know me as crazy.

I love my country house.  I praise God for the gift He has provided.  Here there is comfort, there is peace and there is great joy.  I love the wide open view from our windows and the hundreds of shades of green; the bird songs and yes, even the eerie calling of the coyotes.  But I really dislike my kitchen/bathroom flooring.  There is nothing pleasing to me about the colours or the pattern and most of the time I live in denial and try to pretend it isn't there.  This said, it does seem to have a certain special quality about it.  Sometimes I see pictures in the familiar swirls and blotches.

This morning, as I was sitting in the bathroom (yes, doing what it is one does while sitting in the bathroom), I looked down and instead of pictures I saw words.

First, quite clearly I saw grace. I shook my head, realizing this was something unusual.  When I looked again, I saw changes.

Grace. Changes.  Yes, my heart agreed.  Grace changes everything.  I looked one more time.  Both words were gone.  In their place was the word Jesus.

Of course, it is Jesus grace.  All things that are changed for the good are by His grace.

An ugly floor that sets my spirit pondering and fills this heart with gratitude; a husband who listens to a wife who sees words that don't exist on that ugly floor, knows that she believes that God is speaking to her, and doesn't send her to the psych ward; equals a blessed and glorious way to start the day.

What did you sense God telling you this morning?

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Anonymous said...

Ha! No stones being thrown from this direction, Karin. You should listen to a few of my sermons. I have had more than my fair share of unique experiences with God and I wouldn't have it any other way! :) Thanks for the encouragement today. Be blessed and keep your eyes on the things unseen, that which is eternal. That's where we're supposed to live anyway.

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