06 June 2011

No holiday from prayer

Sobs come
without invitation
unexplained and real
no respecter of
shut doors
and closed windows
I want to whisper
I want to say
"I'm busy now"
I want to shout
"let me take a holiday!"

I want to...

but like the clay
that cannot guide
the Potter's hands
I answer His call
tears fall.

For years, and yet, yes, still today, I question my Lord's choice to call me as an intercessor.  I have argued, stomped my feet and pouted, a stubborn and stiff necked child.

But I surrender, again and again, as He teaches me that my every breath is prayer and there is no where to run.

Is there anyplace I can go to avoid your Spirit? to be out of your sight? If I climb to the sky, you're there! If I go underground, you're there! If I flew on morning's wings to the far western horizon, You'd find me in a minute— you're already there waiting! Then I said to myself, "Oh, he even sees me in the dark! At night I'm immersed in the light!"  It's a fact: darkness isn't dark to you; night and day, darkness and light, they're all the same to you.  Psalm 139:7-12 The Message 

Joining Jason and the other warriors  Here - where today's prompt is Vacation (translates to holiday here in Canada)


cindy holman said...

Beautiful - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Believe me, Karin, when I say I understand. We are called to a place of intercession and it is not always an easy road, but it is beautiful to see His victory expressed in hopeless situations. Great poem. Thank you.

Alida said...

Beautiful...just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

His grace is sufficient...

Brian Miller said...

no there is no vacation from communion with the one that knows far more than i

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