14 June 2011

Home everywhere

Morning dew
mixed with leftovers
from yesterday’s rain
rested upon the grass
early light sparkled
on each blade
sun reflected
colours of gold, silver
shimmering blue

Caught within each drop
a mirror
of all of the world
with binoculars
yet beyond
what the camera lens
could capture
enclosed in perfection

His world magnified
in smallness
making His home

another entry into Peter Pollock's Carnival about Home

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A Joyful Noise said...

Your poem is so beautiful. I liked your thought "making His home
everywhere" Even in the rain and left over dew !!

Brian Miller said...

smiles. each one a reflection of creation...i like that...lovely morning.

Leslie said...

how very lovely. thank you for sharing it, with us.

Heaven said...

The Lord's Blessings is everywhere, even in a dewdrop or the petal of the flower.

Lovely poem~

Pat Hatt said...

Great reflection on the day
Giving thanks for everything with no dismay

Anonymous said...

i think of how He is in the smallest of the small as well as the very very large.

pretty lines.

V. Furnas said...

Love the line, "leftovers from yesterday resting on the grass." Beautiful!

Elizabeth Young said...

Infinite and finite together, beautifully portrayed and written about. Lovely!

Glynn said...

Rainbows enclosed in perfection -- those tiny things are so vital, so significant. Well done, Karin.

Connie@raise your eyes said...

"Caught within each drop
a mirror"...such a fascinating adventure to lean in close and see reflection in the drops.

Kim Nelson said...

If we peer through the right lenses ~ and we get to choose ~ we see miracles everywhere, every day. This piece is a lovely example thereof.

ayala said...

Lovely reflection.Gratitude always there :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful microscopic view...

Other Mary said...

The world in a dew drop...sounds like you've been keeping company with Blake :o) Lovely write.

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