10 August 2010

One Word Carnival - Laughter

I was having a bit of brain freeze thinking about this week's word "laughter" so I did what I have learned to do when I feel stuck. When journaling this morning, I asked the Lord what He would like to share.

Not just giggles that scratch the surface; more than mere chuckles; but deep, soul restoring laughter; like living water flowing from your very core - this comes from fullness of joy - joy in Me.

Come let Me open the joy gate. Step into Me where mere happiness grows thin and pale. For here, in Me, even in pain, even in mourning, joy will find you.

And your lips curl upward at the corners.
And your mouth opens.
And the sound comes
a tremble that builds upon itself
and becomes a roar.

Waves crashing upon the shores of sorrow.
Waterfalls of rain pouring hard upon your thirsty soul.

Step into Me for a drenching.

Be refreshed in My peace

Stop by at Bridget Chumbley's for more words on laughter!


Glynn said...

Hearty laughter is like that -- ocean waves crashing on to shore. Good post.

Helen said...

Your post reminded me of something that happened to me last year.
I found a huge lump on my breast on Halloween (turned out to be nothing btw). So big you could see it, not just feel it. The doctor got me a mammogram appointment for Monday, which was two days later. On the way there, I was driving through the forest preserve and saw the beautiful colors of the leaves on the trees. I always loved that. I started feeling melancholy and I asked God "Is this the last time I will see the autumn colors?"
HFF, I know this sounds weird, but I heard Him laugh!! He said more or less that I will be amazed at the tree he has set where I will be in Heaven! He laughed some more, and then I laughed, too. Then He said I don't have to worry, the test will be okay, and I felt peace.
I know I sound nuts. I'm okay with that. I figured you'd be, too :-) .

Bonnie Gray said...

"like living water flowing from your very core - this comes from fullness of joy - joy in Me."

I need to continually fill myself with this joy - in Him. You described it very eloquently through poetry.

Enjoyed it. (sigh) ;)

Monica Sharman said...

This part:
"a tremble that builds upon itself
and becomes a roar."
It's often like that! Just like that.

Claudia said...

...let me open the joy gate... this is just wonderfully expressed - thanks for this!

Kathleen Overby said...

What a response to the ocean God's love. iLike.

Melissa | Madabella: made beautiful said...

Wow...beautiful imagery here!!! Indeed there is nothing like joy and laughter that comes from Him.

Bridget Chumbley said...

Now that's a deep and incredible roar of laughter. Wonderful words here... thank you!

Connie Arnold said...

Deep, soul restoring laughter - we could use more of that in life. Beautifully descriptive words. Thank you for sharing this!

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