12 August 2010

Random pleasant and disturbed

"There are things that I must accomplish this week, but it's just a jumble. I feel like I've taken a prescription medication belonging to someone else."

So said Cassandra Frear at the MoonBoat Cafe on Monday and every part of my random brain resonated with her words. The feeling has shadowed me through the week, like mist or an echo.

Have you been there? When whatever you happen to be doing the thought fills your mind that you should be somewhere else, yet you can't quite remember where? When you start to think you might need a road map to keep track of your scattered thoughts? When you are doing nothing and everything all at once?

I suppose that Thursday is a good place to be now, where random, pleasant and disturbed is called forth.

You have read many words about my mosquito issues, so I feel I must share a praise worthy report. I received this delightful metal sculpture from a dear friend on my birthday earlier this month, and Rick mounted it on the wall beside the back door.

A few days later, we noticed that our yard and surrounding area were filling with huge, real dragonflies, flying about like mini-helipcopters, as if they were coming to worship the image of their god. Not only are they interesting creatures to watch.. they eat, yes, eat.. mosquitoes, as many as they can find! The mosquito population has all but disappeared.

God and His wonderous ways have triumphed once again! Eating mosquitoes enables female dragonflies to lay their eggs which in turn creates more dragonflies that will eventually eat more mosquitoes. Eating up mosquitos, eating up mosquitoes....

Wow.. anyone remember this song from the early days of MTV?

"Fish heads, fish heads, roly-poly fish heads. Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up, yummmm!"

Okay.. now I AM disturbed...

think I'd best free you to go explore other strange but pleasant posts at Duane_Scott's Scribing the Journey


Angel @ Finding The Inspiring said...

I must be disturbed too because I remember that song and was singing it along with you here! Thanks for this great randomly disturbed post. :)

Helen said...

I don't remember that song. I only got cable a couple of Christmases ago...
I am glad your mosquito population is shrinking.

Claudia said...

wow - that's an amazing story - and i love that you have so many dragonflies - we have them in germany as well - but you must be lucky to see one. most of the time they are close to ponds

Glynn said...

Once I took my dog's medication. Nothing really happened; I felt strange for a few hours and didn't get much done but I didn't feel a need for a dog biscuit or anything, or like I wanted to bark. But it was strange.

Jane Anne said...

Anything that eats mosquitoes is golden to me. Fantastic that you got something you needed...that dragonfly from a friend is a great reminder that God is in control. At least that's how I see it. Sort of stretch but, like I said, anything that eats mosquitoes is good. So glad God provided dragonflies!

Duane Scott said...

HEY! Yesterday, when I drove to meet some friends at dusk, the air was THICK with dragonflies. They kept flying into my car windshield and I thought miserably, "We have mosquitoes and flies... and NOW we have dragonflies?"

Thanks for setting me straight.

I'm a dragonfly murderer.

And I feel bad. :) Good post!

jasonS said...

What a cool and practical miracle! I love it Karin. :)

Janet Sketchley said...

Beautiful dragonfly sculpture! I had a tiny dragonfly windchime one year and soon after we put it up we saw a live dragonfly sitting on it for an hour or so. We wondered if it was a male wondering why the female was "giving him the cold wing".

Is it possible they recognize images of themselves? Your sculpture looks too big to pass for a living one.

Anyways, three cheers for dragonflies. May they feed well. (I feel the same way about bats.)

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