26 August 2010

Disturbed and not at all pleasant

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This is Thursday. A time to ramble. A time to randomize. A time to rant.

We serve a very big GOD, Who sees all, knows all and Is all. I don't like to give the enemy any more credit than in his pathetic smallness he deserves.


You're messing with my friends.

Some are discouraged. Some are exhausted. Some are facing financial strain. Others are just under fire on the front lines.

Pray today for our dear friend Duane, the prince of pleasant and disturbed thinking. If you haven't heard about his accident, you can catch up on his blog Scribing the Journey .

I know he'll be reading our posts today, so let him know we love him, even though he's getting better drugs than the rest of us.

You might only have one arm to use right now Duane, but God is for you, so even in your weakness you can accomplish much.

I don't think there's a link-up today, at least not that I've heard of so far. But snoop around a bit and I'm sure you'll find the usual suspects, random and disturbed as always.

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Duane Scott said...

I love you Karin. God DOES see all. You make me happy.

I love scrat!

Helen said...

Wait... He is getting better drugs than us!? That IS disturbing..
Just kidding. Yes, the enemy messes with us. But then God just turns it around and uses it for our good. I don't know how He can use this for good, but He will.

Shelby said...

Haven't stopped to say hi in a while though I read all the time. I'm so grateful that the Lord has placed you in my path.

Now off to visit your friend.

gretchen said...

Never did like the enemy messing with my fiends.

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