19 August 2010

Disturbed indeed!

There is much to be done around Chez FireFly, most involving words that have to be sorted in this random brain and put into a form that will make sense for articles due and a sermon on Sunday.

Is there an enemy lurking that wishes to keep writers from writing? How many of you have met him? He's been showing his face far, far too often around here.

So this morning, I asked God to help me focus on the tasks at hand, and just as I was about to begin writing I noticed that our dog Faith has gotten covered in blue-bur seeds for the second time this morning. In the early summer these seeds look like tiny green velcro balls, by now, they are mostly brown but still sticky and they gather in clumps all over her body. Rick combed her out once before he went to work, and this second covering came not even an hour later. The longer we allow the seeds to remain, the more of her fur gets stuck and matted, so I just finished spending at least half an hour cleaning her up again!

Was I annoyed by the distraction, yes indeed. Then I remembered how God tends to us over and over and over again, washing away sin and the filth of the world that we we get entrangled in. Does He wish we would finally learn and avoid the sticky seeds? I would imagine so. Yet still in His love, He cleans us up and sets us back on our feet.

Where was I? Words, yes, words that need to come forth, to teach, encourage, and laundry in the dryer to be folded, and zuchinnis growing like crazy and...

This flower that we can't identify no matter how many google searches I do.

If you knw the name of this mystery flower, please share and allow me to check at least one thing off my list today.

Stop by Duane Scott's Scribing the Journey for more rambling by disturbed writers. And when you have moment in the midst of your own randomness, pray that I would find a moment of focus and clarity and that words would flow as He directs.


Kristi Fornshell pagan43 on the twitter said...

The mystery plant is called a Four O'clock. You can google it.

I recall as a kid thinking the seeds looked like tiny Chinese lanterns.
Four O'clock because the flowers tend to close in the very early evening.


Helen said...

Nice pictures. You take good care of your doggie.

JC Dude said...

Was your "Faith" disturbed by all those seeds? Great pic of the mystery flower BTW!

Duane Scott said...

Great picture!

And your dog is adorable.

And I love the thought of God caring for us over and over again.

Good stuff, I tell you. :)

Angel said...

A great reminder about how patient God is with us. I need more of that!Thanks for the lovely pics too.

Mansi said...

Disturbance is the first sign of being focused. If you weren't focused on something, how would you be disturbed?
May the "disturbedness" continue :-)

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