02 March 2010

Tuesdays Unwrapped - A Word

It feels as if I've barely caught my breath from the last trip, and here we are leaving again today.

This is a planned trip, one we have prayed about and anticipated and we are both expecting God to work in mighty and profound ways in our lives.

We shall be attending the Get Ready Conference with Operation Mobilization, to learn about, pray about, and plan for long term missions work.

This week I am unwrapping a Word from the Lord spoken into my spirit. The other night, before falling asleep, I saw a picture of salad servers.

"Silly" I thought at first. But I have learned to ask the Lord if He wants to share before I disregard these odd images as meaningless.

"What is this about Lord?" I giggled.

"You will be tossed" came the reply.

Indeed. Changes are upon us, perhaps more quickly than we imagine. Things in our hearts and minds will be shaken, sifted, shifted.

"Yes, Lord." I said. "But please toss me gently."

What gift are you unwrapping this week? Join Emily at Chatting At The Sky and share.

My presence online may again be scarce while we are away. I'll try to update as I can.


Shannon said...

Funny how God gives us messages in different ways. Salad servers.
I can definitely relate with being tossed. Praying for you.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Wow! What a word, I love it when God does that!!

Unknown said...

I think you are supporting my suspicion that God has a sense of humor. How else would he have created the duckbill platypus?
I rest my case on your salad tongs. "you will be tossed". What a graceful, funny way to let you know. Awesome.

S. Etole said...

I do hope it's a gentle toss ... be blessed in your comings and goings

imoomie said...

God seems to always talk to us in a way we can personally understand.

May God be give you the peace that passes all understanding.