10 February 2010

Ninevah? Do I have to?

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Ninevah He said
is in the hearts of your own people

like sheep running wild
will you lead them
to the Shepherd?

They are a stubborn
and stiff-necked people Lord
and will not listen
and I chose to remain silent
my life will speak for me.

I am Yours
I said
here I am, send me
and followed His call
to Africa
far, far from Ninevah

To run and not acknowledge
the running
even when good work is done

My giant fish was waiting
a place to hide
to plan
or to rot

As I am spit out
on the shore
my people are soon dying
without the Shepherd still
and my life is not
speaking loudly enough
and He says
no more silence
use words.

As my husband and I prepare to visit with my family next week, I am trusting that the Lord by His Holy Spirit will lead me and when He gives me words to speak I will release those words in obedience. To read more about the urgency of these days in my family, you can catch-up here.

Victoria has led us into a study of Jonah at Let The Son Shine and offered us the opportunity to link-up our thoughts here. Please join us!

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Victoria said...

This is beautiful and so relate-able! I'm praying with you!

Tracy said...

Wasn't this study a blessing? Oh, stubborn and stiff necked people...that I am. Jonah reveals the worst and best in all of us, I think. So glad to share it with you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful insight. I enjoyed and was blessed by this blessing.