11 May 2009

We All Need a Mission

Saturday night Rick and I rejoiced and celebrated the ninth anniversary of the day we married. In these days when Christian marriages are failing as frequently as others, we thank God for the ties He has formed between us.

Like any other partnership or business endeavor, I believe that every marriage needs a mission statement. We need to remember that love is a choice we make, it is not automatic and will wither without tender care, attention and devotion. It is also important to remember that marriage is a three-way partnership, between a man and a woman with GOD right in the middle!

The following is the mission statement Rick and I decided on 9 years ago. Perhaps it will inspire you to write one for yourselves.

Mission Statement For Our Marriage

Remember to put God first, always. Remember God is in control and wills us to be united with Him and each other.

Be as open as possible with each other at all times. Bring to each other whatever is in our hearts and minds - be it joy or sorrow, anger, peace or turmoil.

Be accepting of each other, even when we can not agree.

Re-commit each day to the choice we have made to love each other as God would have us love, as He loves us.

Accept that we have not the strength in ourselves alone to do any
of the above without our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.


°•Jae•° said...

that is beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. Yes a marrige should ahve GOD first because without HIM we are NOTHING.

Sandra said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this with our Today's Housewife readers!