17 October 2008

I've Been Tagged - 5 for 5

Beth, at warmHarte, has invited me to join in on a tag. The rules are that I have to list 5 things about me in the following 5 categories:

10 Years Ago:
I was a self-employed personal trainer and exercise instructor
My life was purely physical
I was not interested in love or commitment, just pleasure
I lived for the moment with no plans for the future
I did not know that Jesus loved me

Today's "To-Do" List:
Relax for the first time all week
Spend time in the “secret place”
Study before final exam for “Naturally Supernatural”
Catch up on blogging
Cook something yummy for dinner for my beloved husband

Snacks I Enjoy:
Stone Ground Wheat Crackers
Harvest Crunch Cereal

Things I Would Do If I Were a Millionaire:
Give the glory to God
Pay off the remainder of our mortgage
Pay off car loan
Thank God that we have no other debt!
Devote more time to missions work

Places I Have Lived:
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Evanston, Illinois, USA
Des Plaines, Illinois, USA
Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada
Gilbert Plains, Manitoba, Canada

Jobs I Have Had (or still have):
Candy girl at cheap movie theatre
Administrative assistant at Northwestern University
Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor
Cashier at Safeway
Regional Coordinator Alzheimer Society Manitoba

Now it's my turn to tag 5 more people:
Jill at Xbox Wife
Sharon at Resevoir
Mzzterry at Mzterryz
Jendi at Jendi's Journal
Kipi at In My Own Little Corner

Leave me a comment and link back to this post. Be blessed and have fun!


sailorcross said...

Hi Karin!!

How I have missed you!! I'm so glad you're home safe and sound!!

Thanks for participating in the tag. I've been tagged again, but I'm saving that for next week sometime.

I loved learning these interesting facts about you--so we both worked with candy at one time in our lives--how strange and unusual is that?

My grandmother also worked with candy--she left school at the age of 9 to help support her family (I can't even imagine doing this--9 years old and working full time?). Anyway, she went to work in a chocolate factory, hand-dipping chocolates. Sound like a dream job? Well, I'll tell you this--she lived to be 100 years old and she never ate chocolate again in her life! Couldn't even stand the smell of it!!

Welcome home!! I'll be sending you an e-mail very shortly!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks so much for tagging me; I really had fun! I'm sorry it took me so long to do the tag, but it's all done now. Have a wonderful weekend and God bless you!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

I am still playing catch-up! I promise to come and do this soon!