26 January 2008

Back to work

Thursday found us back on the work site, amazed at how much had been done while we were off to Gulu. We tried to explain to our teamates that we were not slackers and that in many ways passing and laying bricks and all the other phsical labor would have been easier than the day we had. Harder on the body yes, but easier on the heart. We had a few people join us from the other teams who were finished at their sites. Since we were a day behind the local workers were going to have to work late to finish in time for us to dedicate the building on Friday.
It felt good to be finished and leave our work gloves behind knowing that the men (who usually worked in bare hands) would make use of them.
We went back to the guest house to shower off the work of the day and get dressed for an evening of feasting and celebration at Fang Fang, one of the finest Oriental restaurants in Africa and perhaps the world. http://www.fangfang.co.ug/restuarant.htm This was another thank you to us from Watoto. As we were directed into the room we were told to look for our names at the table. Instead of place cards, there were thank you cards and gifts. Small baskets for most of us and beaded key chains for the Australians who are not allowed to bring basketry back into their country. Watoto staff seem to pay attention to each and every detail as they strive to show their gratitude. We were joined by the pastors of KPC North who spoke words of thanksgiving and blessing over us. Once again I felt touched by guilt at the royal treatment we received. We who came to serve were being gifted and blessed and catered to. It was a delicious meal with dishes we had never tasted before presented in beautiful fashion. Dessert was fresh fruit served in watermelon shells that had intricate carvings of the words "thank you". Inside something was screaming "No.. we thank you" but God in His grace was teaching us to receive.

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