22 July 2014


she lived free
to run, exploring
and defending the acres
that were her home

her only trips away
were to the kennel 
for boarding or the vet 
she went cheerfully to both
with tail wags and licks
always willing to share
her joy in the moment

even the pain that settled
in her bones did not hinder 
her desire to give love

yesterday morning
was no different she jumped 
happy into the backseat
of the car, only surprised
that I chose to climb in beside her
instead of taking my usual place 
in front, next to "the boss"
she didn't know 
it was her last ride

she didn't flinch or complain
when the veterinary assistant
held her back leg so the doctor
could shave through the thick fur
making room for the needle

she was too busy
giving and receiving affection
as we held and stroked her
cherishing each of her sweet kisses
as much as she enjoyed bestowing them
until the lure of sleep
called far too strong
and she lay down her head
breathing peaceful into death
in the same way she lived
with a rhythm all her own

joining Kelli where rhythms are never forced



Jody Lee Collins said...

ohhhhh, friend, what a sweet, tear-filled poem.


diana said...

So, so lovely, Karin. Thinking of you as you mourn her loss.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the personal story being shared. Such wonderful personality she had.

Kelly Chripczuk said...

So glad you were gifted with her life and that you gifted us with these words in your loss. Thank you for linking with Unforced Rhythms.

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