15 July 2014

lasts and firsts

this is a season
of both endings
and beginnings, firsts
and lasts

yesterday we drove through the park
under the glory of His painted skies
headed to a town two hours from home
for the last time before we leave

we made the most of the day
happy in each other's presence
checking things off our shopping list

in the middle of our series of lasts
we chose to share a first
and instead of a sensible lunch
we dove into a dish of poutine
a French Canadian standard

french fries crisp
cheese curds melting 
beneath hot dark gravy
we savoured simply
to say we had, finally

knowing we wouldn't have
the opportunity later
for the days after the days 
of lasts will be filled
with other firsts
too many to count

we licked salty lips
left smiling


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