19 July 2014

aptitude of stillness

No domestic animal can be as still as a wild animal. 
The civilized people have lost the aptitude of stillness, 
and must take lessons in silence from the wild 
before they are accepted by it.
Isak Dinesen (Out of Africa)

I will to be still
to listen and hear
to watch and see
each new moment
an adventure 
to breathe
taste and tell

Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday
seeking the stillness with Sandy


1 comment:

caryjo said...

I haven't seen any of the words connected to Isak Dinesen... and watching that movie -- Out of Africa -- was a real heart grabber. I had other bits and pieces for a few years. But you just grabbed me again. I just hope she truly turned to the Lord during that stressful time of her life. Wow! Karin, you just grabbed me! Thanks.

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