11 July 2014

eating the stillness

Silence helps us to understand our inner self. 
If we want to understand God's way for us, 
silence is needed. 
Stillness and quiet are like nourishment
O.S.B. André Gozier

all I want, need
to know
is the stillness
in Him, of Him
with Him
may I open wide my mouth
and see that He is good

Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday
seeking to be still with Sandy



Jody Lee Collins said...


June Caedmon said...

Feeling nourished. Have a blessed weekend.

Michelle said...

Love the simplicity of this post. So deep at the same time. Thanks for sharing! Visiting from Considering Grace (through Still Saturday)! Blessings.

Linda@Creekside said...

amen! 'taste and see that the Lord is good!'

Weekend joys ...

Michelle V. said...

This is beautiful! Love.

Lisa said...

Pillars of stone in the places where God speaks to us; lovely image!

caryjo said...

Yes, silence is needed. Even when my mouth is quiet, my heart rarely is. Filled with anxiety and tension and huge desires of when and how to serve the Lord better and forever. And NO, that does not make sense. Often doesn't LOOK like that's what's going on, but it often IS how I feel. The Lord so often touches my heart and encourages me to rest, relax, and rely on Him.

Thank you. AND the photo looked very similar to Susan's house and/where I have been there many, many times. You made me grin.

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