05 July 2014

softly home

the day dawned
anything but still
as we drove into the sunrise
to host our fundraising yard sale

now the heat of the day
the swarming mosquitoes
and the noise of the shoppers
is merely memory
as I find my silence
here, in the refuge
of words, typed softly

Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday
trying to find a still place with Sandy



Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm your neighbor today at Still Saturday...I love how you document life with poetry!

caryjo said...

Sure would love to be up there and see it and you and hear and hear and hear you plans. So excited!

AND mosquitoes HERE aren't usually as horrific as THERE, even though I have a few bites on my body right now when working in my yard a couple days ago. AND, in Uganda, had malaria twice, even though taking the protection pills.

Thanks for sharing.

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