11 July 2014


there is a sense of urgency
to the work I press myself to do
the packing, the paperwork
the running about to set things in place

this is new ground
never have we packed up a life
to leave it behind
crossing cultural bridges
to follow God's call 
to Malawi

Rick's last day at work is July 31st
the plan my mind holds
is to be finished or near finished
with all but the packing of suitcases

this will leave us
eighteen days in August
to gather with loved ones
those we have held
and will continue to hold
dear in our hearts

eighteen days
to dive into the work
of goodbyes
to embrace
to laugh
to cry

strange to think
that enjoy could describe tears
but oh, their taste
even salty
shall be sweet

Velvet Ashes: encouragement for women serving overseas

sharing in community at the Grove at Velvet Ashes



Danielle said...

Oh, I know those salty sweet tears! And it sounds like your coming weeks will perfectly coincide with the themes Velvet Ashes has planned, a special series for those preparing and on their way overseas. So much goodness in store that I hope you'll enjoy. :)

Kelly Hallahan said...

We are moving too- next Thursday! Praying for much grace and extra patience and kindness for all. May the oil of the Holy Spirit make you glad and grease all your interactions! blessings- Kelly

MaDonna said...

Beautiful words and very true - salty tears of sweetness for sure. May your next few months be filled with grace and kindness - on yourselves as well as to each other. Blessings!

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