19 July 2014

preparing for goodbye

The longest I have ever been away from home
for work, or pleasure, or short term mission
is three weeks, but now
we are in final preparation
for two years in Zambia and Malawi

the fulfillment of dreams brings
packing, paperwork, prayer
and a long series of goodbyes
perhaps one of the most difficult
will be the first, scheduled for Monday morning

my beautiful girl Faith
has grown stiff with age
the brilliant blue of her eyes
fading with years and pain
anti-inflammatory drugs
have given her time
to run, jump, play
enjoying the acreage
that has been her only home
Rick and I her only owners

she has known love
and given love
life has been good
and twelve years long

I cannot bear the thought
that she would continue to ache
or grow confused in our absence
waiting and wondering
when we would return

all this, and then the lumps
appearing at random
beneath her thick fur
forced this impossible decision

Monday morning
we will release her
back to her Creator
holding her paws, as the medicines 
remove the pain permanently
filling her with peace

a peace we can take comfort in
even as it will take longer
to find us

Velvet Ashes: encouragement for women serving overseas
linking up with my friends at The Grove at Velvet Ashes


Anisha said...

My heart goes out to you! It's hard to lose a pet. Saying a prayer for you for all the changes and goodbyes ahead!

Sandra Heska King said...

Tears. For the sadness and the beauty of it all. For the goodbyes and the hellos. For the endings and the beginnings. Much love. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Amy Young said...

So thankful you are linking with Velvet Ashes! This life of a servant of the Most High King is certainly not for the faint of heart :). This is a beautiful way to express it!

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