25 October 2013

the big news

I have been waiting, not quite patiently, to fully share all that is happening in our lives. I have hinted here and there but have not disclosed.

Now is the time!

The first snow of the year has already fallen. We have been doing the tasks that make us ready for the change of seasons; cleaning up the gardens, taking down the hanging flower baskets and switching to snow tires on our vehicle.

Winter seems to be here, but while our bodies are adjusting to the cold, our hearts are preparing for a warmer climate. This will be our last Canadian winter before following God's call to surrender to a missions based life.

Our estimated departure date is August 2014. Six years ago, for a very brief time, our feet were coated with the red dirt of Uganda. Now our thoughts are turning toward Malawi.

Malawi is a landlocked country in central Africa, best known for beautiful Lake Malawi and for its friendly and open hearted people. The country is quite mountainous, and is bordered by Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania.

85% of rural population lives in poverty, surviving on less than one US dollar a day, yet most inhabitants are business minded, thinking of creative ways to gain incomes.

Malawi is an agricultural country and its people are eager farmers. 12 Million people live there and most are self-sustaining farmers. After a severe drought in 2005 which depleted the soil, the president of Malawi increased fertilizer subsidies. In 2007 Malawi actually started exporting food !

Operation Mobilization Malawi is in the process of purchasing a piece of land and the plan is to have an agricultural training program.

Through this project, OM Malawi will be able to:

  • Provide food for it’s own use, as well as to sell to earn income for the ministries of OM Malawi
  • Provide training to the local community
  • Have a platform to teach biblical principles and reach people with gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rick is more than anxious to get his hands dirty, finally using the education and experience he gleaned years ago. I will be writing and involved in many other tasks. We are excited to be able to be involved in such a groundbreaking venture!

God knows each step He desires us to take along the way.  I pray that in our listening, we hear and follow.



Glynn said...

Karin - what great news. I wish all of God's blessings on your mission - and you are now a permanent addition on the prayer list.

Angel said...

How exciting! So good to hear how God is working in your life. I look forward to reading about your journey and all the good things yet to come. Blessings!

Patricia said...

How very exciting, Karin. God bless you BIGGIE bunches for answering His call to missions. Love, Patricia

marygems said...

How wonderfully exciting to be off on such a challenging adventure together.
May everything you put your hands to prosper, and may you have great joy in the Lord as you follow His leading into this venture. I shall enjoy your posts if you plan to continue to post- we can support you in prayer if you let us know what specifically you need.
Have a wonderfully blessed time as you bless others across the seas.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is wonderful.....that is great news and my prayers will be with you on this journey!

Linda said...

It's wonderful news Karin. I am eager to see what God will do in your lives and the lives of the people he is sending you to love. Blessings and prayer as you prepare to go.