28 October 2013

not about me

It isn't about me
never has been about me
even the thought 
that it might be about anything other than Him
blocks the total surrender He seeks

in May of 2012 I posted the following
and again I say Yes, Lord!

I am in a continual process of surrender
shaving off bits and pieces of my self
offering them to be consumed, 
saved for later, or cast aside
Use whatever You can
I murmur to my Lord
Leave what You don't need
lying by the side of the road
but take the rest of me
I am willing to be willing
With confidence I pray
I will go anywhere
I will do anything
for I belong to You
knowing it is not my strength
but Yours
so I am both reconciled and bold
as days, weeks, months and years
pile one upon the other
fear wiggles in
a familiar enough voice 
sounding very much like my own says
What if He has no use for you at all?
it sends a shiver through my spirit
for yes, I want my life to count for somethin
In my trembling and confession
I hear a voice more solid
even as He whispers

It isn't about your life
When you go, and go you will,
it will be all about Me

Day 28 of 31 Days of Surrender



marygems said...

God has been encouraging me to surrender my unknown future to Him as I retire in December-and today he used these beautiful words and Kari's song to confirm what I have been hearing.
Thanks !

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Intense and well done.