15 October 2013

surrender to the call

reckless abandon
what my heart yearns for
release, surrender
for no other reason
than the call of my Master

whatever He might ask

a hand reaching out 
to a friend
to a stranger
to an enemy

a journey 
across the street
across town
across the oceans

our call to His service
has deepened and solidified
the red dirt of Africa
like grit in an oyster shell
developing a pearl
to surrender and gleam
for His glory

have you taken time
to wait, to listen
to hear the Voice
that whispers
more than it shouts

there is a call
for us all
will you choose
the narrow road of discipleship?
the reckless road of abandon?
I'll walk with you there...

Day 15 of 31 Days of Surrender


Beth said...

Truly beautiful! I need to catch up on your series.
Blessings to you.

marygems said...

LOVED this post- thank you :) I have been surrendering all to God as I face many unknowns in the imminent future- and this was exactly what I needed.

God BLESS you, faithful firefly :)

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