29 October 2013

surrendering recognition

I order words
one after
the other
on pages, screens
tools of a trade
familiar to all
who paint with letters

thoughts, phrases
knock and burn
with the need
for release

we long to be heard
read, known

and yet
if I claim to be
a pen surrendered
to His hand
than you need not
know me
at all

let me be invisible
as silver glass
a mirror to
reflect His glory

Day 29 of 31 Days of Surrender

hanging at the bar with the poets



Lisa A. Williams said...


Brian Miller said...

nice. i think we should be reflectors...but i think our own stories can make his touch personal as well...

Dorianna (paintswithwords) said...

loved this, as you know my id is paintswithwords, so I totally relate to the thoughts of creating painted masterpiece. lovely poem

Grace said...

A meaningful post ~ Let our words reflect His Glory ~

Unknown said...

I agree with Brian ..... it is not that we are not to be recognized... but that He should be recognized through us...

Beautiful words.

Morgan/Booknvolume.com said...

Touching and so revealing. just lovely!

Mystic_Mom said...

Amen! We should seek to serve an audience of One, and let Him bring others. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

an image of reflection of a mirror in a mirror. reminds me of my old tommy tippee cup...a cup with a picture of a bear holding a cup with a picture of a bear...etc.etc.etc. really kinda freaky to a small kid, ya know.