29 September 2013

31 days of surrender

It has always been difficult for me to walk away from a challenge.  
For the fifth year The Nester is hosting a 31 day writing event.  
Participants choose a topic and blog about it every day during the month of October.

Rick and I are walking through new doors that the Lord is swinging wide before us, 
but we can not answer His call in our own strength, 
for our own reasons 
or for any glorification of our selves.

I am not at all certain how the posts will evolve.  
They could be pictures, scriptures, poetry or prose.  
I do pray that they will not only be about surrender 
but also an exercise in surrender.

Will you join me?

I'll leave links to each day's post right here
so this page can be a jumping off place

Day 1: tenacious cling
Day 2: accept the blessing


marygems said...

I am subscribed to your blog,so does this mean I will get your 31 day posts-which I am looking forward to- or do I need to sign up separately?
As you write, may this prayer for you be fulfilled in every way :
The Maker’s blessing be yours, on your road, on your journey,

guiding you, cherishing you.

The Son’s blessing be yours, wine and water, bread and stories,

feeding you, challenging you.

The Spirit’s blessing be yours, the still, small voice,

wind and fire, joy and wisdom,

comforting you, disturbing you.

The angels’ blessing be yours, on your house, on your living,

guarding you, encouraging you.

God’s blessing be ours,

the blessing of pilgrims all the nights and days of our journey home.


Anonymous said...

i am not joining in the writing, but, as i read yours, i am sure that i will be thinking about it.

Sandra Heska King said...

An exercise in surrender. Best. Exercise. Ever.

scotthastiepoet said...

Hiya, Yes, what an idea spiritually and creatively - so many days of surrender, both creatively and spiritualy, so weel rendered her. And how it delivers, when it somes true from the heart and, whether Christian of not, that gloroius pathway opens up and leads you ever onward - home... Just look at the wonderfully tender pictures there are of St Sebastian for example... Wishing you Love & Light as your search goes on... With Best Wishes Scott www.scotthastie.com