24 September 2013

not an issue to solve

Do you see me as a problem? A puzzle?  Something to fix?
I want you to see me.  Just me.  
A little girl who has to grow up too fast.
I'm not just a headline.
I live and breathe and hurt.
I am just like all the other children you know.
Yes, I cry, but I laugh too.
I am not an issue.  I am a life.
I am an opportunity.
I am an invitation into relationship.
What God created us for.
I am waiting.
He Is waiting
What are you waiting for?

Poverty is not necessarily an issue to solve; 
it is an opportunity to serve. 
As we go through each day, 
our heart’s cry should be, 
"Lord, where would you have me give, 
serve, and invest myself to bring hope to the poor?"
Orphan Justice author, Johnny Carr

Is the Lord whispering to your spirit, urging you to get involved?  
Click here to begin the sponsorship journey.



Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Firefly,

" I am not an issue. I am a life.
I am an opportunity."

yes, a person, not a project. I see my youth ministry teens that way too, as people to get to know and care for.

Jennifer Dougan

Nancy Sturm said...

"I want you to see me. Just me." Isn't that something every person wants? As Christ's ambassador's, we must see beyond the "problems" to the souls of the people. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

Beth said...

"I am a life. I am an opportunity. I am an invitation into relationship."
These are such beautiful words. I pray that every child is sponsored. I think God has given me direction to give to one of the ministries I spent time with in Guatemala which will include helping to sponsor a child there. Bless your heart for how you give to Compassion. {Hugs}

Denise said...

This touched my heart.

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