04 September 2013

when I see you - I see me

I can almost feel the tears wet on your cheeks.

Sticks and stones break bones, and you've been lucky to avoid that kind of pain. But unlike the old rhyme, names and words cut deeper than flesh, leaving wounds that may take a lifetime to heal. What was it this time?  Fatso?  Ugly?  Stupid?  You've heard the words often enough that you begin to believe them, and worse, you think you're the only one deserving of such teasing.

I can almost taste the salt of those tears.  And the sting of isolation.  You are certain that you are all by yourself. But know this, little me. You are not alone, have never been, alone.  God is beside you, holding you even as you shake with sorrow.  He is molding you, preparing you to become the me that writes these words.

Years will teach you that some of what was said was true. You are not like everyone else.  But you will grow to celebrate all the ways in which you are unique.  One day someone will speak words of pure truth over you that will bathe all of those scars:

You are not different, you are set apart.
By Him and for Him.
His design with which He is well pleased.
And loved, oh so very loved.

Want to help a little life know the love of both God and man?  Consider sponsoring a child today.

I can hardly believe that it has been a year since I joined in Compassion Blog Month 2012.  God moved hearts and many children found love and care through those who began new sponsorships. While it was a joy to see love in action the needs are still great.

The goal this year is to get 3,160 children sponsored online by 11:59 p.m. mountain time on September 30.

joining Emily and the imperfect redeemed

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