17 September 2013

put a coat of paint on it

does your day feel
dark, messy
put a coat of paint on it
maybe no one
will know
are there cracks
where the  pain
weeps and leaks
put a coat of paint on them
it might seal
what will not 
or at least forget
for a little while
memories like dirt
streaks ragged
put a coat of paint on 
everything looks like new
looks like
but isn't
give me the paint
that washes 
clean the deep red 
flow that leaves 
snow white behind

Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord. 
Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow 

back at the bar with the poets



Brian Miller said...

i am all for the freshening as long as we are not just using the paint to hide the dirt you know...

Lisa Williams said...

2PI once read,"pretend you are happy" and you will feel joy". Although I'm not one for pretenses, at times this really does work. Nice poem!

Mary said...

I do like this philosophy. Sometimes I think we really can choose how we see something. We can choose to see in a new light. And yes, faith helps!!

Mystic_Mom said...

Amen! There is only one thing that will wash us clean, and no pain covers our sins. Bless you for this!

Anonymous said...

look at all that newness!

Grace said...

I like the metaphor of painting ~ Things can look good as new with new brush of paint ~ Lovely quote as well ~

Poet Laundry said...

Definitely...just covering over something doesn't heal it...yep, give me that "true" cleaning too.

Beachanny said...

Very effective metaphor. I think its accurate. Paint it over, get up, start all over, pretend yesterday didn't happen the way it did. New day, new paint of coat, and hope the world gets brighter! Well done.

Björn said...

Wonder if it works... what's underneath have a tendency to seep through with paint... and I think as a metaphor the same applies.

Denise said...

Really like this.

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