31 May 2012

What erasing leaves behind...

At just the perfect time, when I needed to lighten up, my dear Snady a.k.a. Sandra Heska King posted about a site called Erasures after Kimberlee Conway Ireton pointed the way at Tweetspeak Poetry. 

Instaed of me trying to tell you about it, please click on the links above where others have already done a great job of explaining this novel form of poetry play.

I spent a bit of time this morning erasing and saving.  I was surprisingly pleased with this result:

Fair is
sometimes amusing
one talks intellectual

Poor correspondent
she is throwing different
toward Mecca

Focus of light
nonsense talked in thy name
in her way, strange

Travelling all over alone
she looks at everything
with clear eyes wide open
the edge, abysses

Pushing through
knowing suspicions
holding her course, fearless

In the right point of view
is something rather

I will surely return to Erasures to play again.  Why don't you meet me there?

1 comment:

Sandra Heska King said...

Awesome? Wasn't this great fun?

I started with that text another way:

The fair is, sometimes, very amusing. She is for ever throwing up. ;)

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