17 May 2012

Rust in the cracks

Rust fills in the cracks
the day seems too long and yet gone in an instant
my heart feels hard
but fragile
brittle enough to open far too easily
leaking passion

What do I do with a wheel fixed in place?

There is something calling to me
I can't sense the direction
the wind swirls and jumbles
but I know the Source
I have promised to listen
to follow
to obey

No I am not good at waiting
as my old wood splinters
wobbles and creaks
trying to find beauty there
as rust fills in the cracks

Walking an imperfect road with Emily and the broken but redeemed



Cara @ Whimsy Smitten said...

Oh, friend..."a wheel fixed in place." I know this feeling, this place. Grace on you.

Glad I made my way over from emily's/imperfect prose. May you find beauty in the stillness, today.

Brian Miller said...

the waiting is not easy....and feeling the rust creep in...keep your cart ready for tomorrow may be the day you know...

Alida said...

Rust in the cracks...I Love your word pictures.

Blessings to you,

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