22 April 2014

knock away, I will not answer

back in March
I joined a movement
to smash a love idol
the need to please
anyone, anything
but my Lord

a cross of ashes
began a time 
of letting go, shaking 
off, breaking loose
to live free
between the dust 
of forming and the dust 
of dying

hunger for approval
prowled, scratched
knocked with uncommon
intensity, making itself
known in deviousness

the Holy Spirit held
a mirror, reflecting
heart deep, exposing
dark, need, ego

resurrection Sunday dawned
clouded, chilled
but as always filled
with unstoppable light
even when unseen

I live here, between
the forming 
and the dying
purposed on freedom
yes, the idol still knocks
with predictable vigor
and tenacity

with Christ risen, alive
in me and stubbornness 
of my own, like a child
 sticking fingers in my ears
I will not listen
I will not answer

unless and until
I hear my Shepherd's 
true voice



Sandra Heska King said...

Those Holy Spirit mirrors. They're the worst. ;)

We live between the forming and the dying... and the becoming.

Denise said...


Jody Lee Collins said...

SO powerful, Karin. Wow. the lines Sandy mentioned were powerful.

We were just reading John Chapter 10 about the Shepherd's voice yesterday. We WILL hear his voice.

Beth Stiff said...

Beautiful, Karin. I'm a little more than 1/2 way through Jennifer's book and it truly is powerful. Blessings to you.

Poet Laundry said...

Yes, yes...

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