01 April 2014

aging Faith

days, months
years take wing
trying to hold on
leaves me spinning
losing moments
as they pile one 
upon the other

what was yesterday?
what was a decade past?

today I find myself
mourning and missing
the youth of my Faith
her carefree wild days
a dog's life of love
and privilege
daily making the rounds
of her realm, open fields
gravel road, barn cats
to chase, herd
and us, her keepers
teachers, protectors
and she, ours

age doesn't seem to creep in
but declare itself
all at once
her legs still run
but take longer to start
her neck stiff, teeth sore

I try to read 
those deep blue eyes
as if she could tell me
what she would have us do

the answer remains
the same, over years

love me



Jody Lee Collins said...

Friend, your words do it every time--paint the picture perfectly and leaving sighing, "Oh my gosh" at the last line.
You are a gift!

S. Etole said...

She is such a beauty with those trusting blue eyes and white coat.

Simply Beth said...

Karin, this touched my heart as I watch my own dog age and pray for him to hold on until my husband returns back home. And yes, this is what I need to do for now...love him.

Denise said...

Your writing is so good.

SimplyDarlene said...

I came over from TSP's dog photo prompt… beauty, both the dog and the words.