09 April 2014

Who restores?

The taskbar at the bottom of my laptop screen
flashed, a reminder that updates were waiting
ever obedient, I clicked to download
and busied myself with other things
after the install, I had to reset the computer
and as often happens, things were not quite right
when the screen came back up
nothing I tried corrected the problems

it was time to resort to system restore
taking the computer back
to a time before the offending updates
while this ran, I opened my journal
sensing my Lord has something to share

your technology
has the capacity
to return to an earlier
moment in time
to take changes
errors, problems
and make them disappear
as if they had never happened

and I, yes I, do this
not for machines
but for lives

I Am the Restorer
I Am making all things new
I wipe slates clean
I have already forgotten
what you still cling to

you can let it all go

step into the reset
fresh and clean

walking with Emily in broken redemption



Lisa notes... said...

I thank God for "system restores." Both for my computer and for me. I've never seen it as a spiritual metaphor until now; what a beautiful one!

Jody Lee Collins said...

"I have already forgotten what you still cling to....step into the reset."
I love it!

Denise said...

This is a wonderful post.

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