25 April 2014

unwired, unbothered

Be content - just for a short time - 
to sit unwired, unbothered, in the quiet of your home.  
Be still and enjoy it. 
Do as Christ urges in Luke 12 and consider the lilies - 
be present, pay attention - 
don't cultivate concern but focus.
Dave Harrity - Making Manifest

my spirit vibrates
with a steady, quiet
there is honesty, here
clarity, a path that is true

Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday
happy in the quiet still with Sandy



Sandra Heska King said...

So... something tells me you're going to like this book. :)

Denise said...


elizabeth said...

This is beautiful!

Linda@Creekside said...

peace and rest. yes ... yes.

caryjo said...

Ya dun good, as usual. A blessing.

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