15 March 2013

Stop running

Am I a writer of poetry attempting long forms
or am I a writer of broken prose 
that tends toward poetic expression?
I am choosing to waste no time 
attempting to categorize myself 
as anything more than a pen in His hand.
I have run from the gifts He has given.
I have run into the gifts.
I have banged my head and stubbed my toes
and bear the scars and bruises.
At times I would prefer to paint
or dance
or sing
but He gives as He chooses
to suit His will.
I have run into the gifts
I have run from the gifts
fingers tender from the keyboard
too many pens rattling in my purse
He knows who He has called
what I cannot do, He can.
In that, I find my rest.

Five Minute Friday 
hooking up to Lisa-Jo talking about rest


Anonymous said...

begaruc3028a good place to be...
to trust in
what he can
in you
and through you

no need to categorize...
you are a whole new catagory :-)

Anonymous said...

the beginning of my last comment was one of my trys at the captcha.

looks like it went on the comment instead of in the box for some reason...

it takes me one to three tryies to get it usually.

Dianne said...

Lots of wisdom here--

Ruth Povey said...

I could really relate to what you wrote here, a wonderful post

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