26 March 2013

Broken patience

what fruit bear I
on frosted morns
fingers stiff
ankles wailing
eyes weary 
of the white expanse
Spring seems no closer now 
than weeks before
do I snark
at calendar pages
accuse them of bright lies
as yet the cold drips in
icing my broken patience



Anonymous said...

Established the mood here exceedingly well. Good movement as well. LIKE.

Brian Miller said...

oh i feel you...i am so ready for spring and new life...perhaps easter will break the back of this cold and bring us warmer weather...and brilliant colors...

Rachel Hoyt said...

I envisioned myself yelling at the calendar as I read your line about snarking. :)

Mary said...

Ha, you must live close to me. Though it is spring calendarwise, it doesn't seem to be appearing in reality.

Pat Hatt said...

Yeah my patience is long gone too, need this snow to go.

flaubert said...

Hang on she will be there soon. I can feel your agony in this.


kkkkaty said...

the dripping of icing...nice..;)

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling! Love your picture too. :) Thanks Karin.

joanna said...

i like this a lot, especially the lines about snarking at calendar pages & accusing them of bright lies... tight images!

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