19 March 2013

poured out

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Sunday morning I had to opportunity to share the message at a small church about three hours from home.  I spoke of consecration, of being "sold-out".

My life is not my own, but His
the fruit I bear, not for myself to nibble
but a meal to serve

as Oswald Chambers wrote:
We are here to submit to His will so that He may work through us what He wants. Once we realize this, He will make us broken bread and poured-out wine with which to feed and nourish others.
My life is being ·given as an offering to God [ poured out as a drink offering]
2 Timothy 4:6a Expanded

so what of these crumbs
the remains of me
upon the table
an altar
where all I was
drains, drips, pours
open hands can not hold
treasure or torture
grief, regrets released
wash away in that flood
broken bread
swept into the wind

joining Peter and the gang where we're letting go of grief

and hanging out at the pub



A Joyful Noise said...

Even the crumbs were used and good for something. When we feel less than good enough, God can still use us. As you ministered at the church on Sunday, on Consecrecation and being Sold Out for God, that is the attitude we must have or our crumbs will be swept away and of no use. Your post is beautiful!

Brian Miller said...

mmm a powerful scripture...and message that you gave if it was anything like what was in your poem...to truly live as a sacrifice...how powerful a life that would be...

Grace said...

A meaningful share ~ Like the meaning of crumbs, bread and sacrifice in the altar ~

Anonymous said...

Breads & crumbs..... They hold so much more meaning than we could ever exhaust, don't they?

Gretchen Leary said...

This is intense and amazing.

Mary said...

"broken bread swept into the wind" -- deep and meaningful, especially in this time of lent!

Dianne said...

You have written beautifully about one of my favorite passages.

flaubert said...

This is quite beautiful, a very visual piece.


Claudia said...

there's much power in pouring our lives out for him..still we're afraid of the brokenness it brings.. i am..

Brandee Shafer said...

This fed me, today. Thank you, Sister.

RA Rhodes said...

Excellent post this morning! How many times do I have to stop with my plans and realize life is not about me and all the pleasures I can experience before death...My life is HIS.....

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good trip and sharing...

Anonymous said...

Captured me with the opening lines - that's how my life feels quite a lot of the time recently.

But of course, it's not really mine, is it? Thanks for the reminder of what I am so good at forgetting.

Todd Alan Kraft said...

I like the eucharistic imagery. I particularly like how the poem slides off the tip of my tongue, as in "DRains DRiPs PouRs."

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