13 March 2013

I want a real meal

Emily's post today shouted bold and quiet
the cry, the ache in my heart
I don't want to serve a Walmart Savior

I hunger for true communion
a lavish feast
I don't want a meal
of McJesus
a pre-packaged, heat it quick
microwave relationship with my Lord
I have no use
for a drive through window
I want to make my home
in Him
make a home
for Him

less of me and more of Him
none of me and all of Him
this is my prayer
this is the song my spirit sobs

counting myself among the broken redeemed with Emily



Nancy Sturm said...

Beautiful! I love the analogy with fast food. Great relationships, like great food, often take time to develop, don't they?

Amanda @ wandering said...

I have no use of a drjve thru window. Great contrast to true communion

Kati Woronka said...

Yeah, sure, I'll definitely take that place setting over a 'McJesus'! Great imagery!!!

Elizabeth said...

Both you and Emily write such beautiful imagery of real versus shallow communion with Him, intimate relational communing with Him. Slow steady and lasting. Thank you. This is beautifully written.

Holly said...

Enough of mindless eating. Let us gather at the table of grace and eat the meal of brokenness. That is where I want to be.

Court said...

Boy I relate to this especially since we are doing the a daniel fast with my church for lent and I'm always hungry it seems! It's good to remember though that the fast is not to just take away but to add! To add him abundant.

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