06 March 2013

moving through

This week's chapter of The Furious Longing of God is titled Healing.

My heart was moved as I read not or physical miracles but heart and spirit recoveries, healings that go much deeper than flesh.  Brennan Manning tells the tale of a young man who had his self esteem, his heart, his very core lifted back to life by a public kiss from his father.
"Lodged in your heart is the power to walk into somebody’s life and give him or her what the bright Paul Tillich called “the courage to be.” Can you fathom that? You have the power to give someone the courage to be, simply by the touch of your affirmation."
only a touch
a hand resting on a dropped shoulder
only a word
acknowledgement that someone is seen, appreciated
We can walk 
as lifelines through this world
when we pray
to be ever listening to the quiet voice 
that urges us to stop, speak, touch
sometimes beyond reason
yet trusting that He knows
what we cannot see

I'll be a fool for You
to help you mend a heart
open wide all that I am
so that Your love can move in, out, through

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Fatha Frank said...

When I read this, I was tempted to simply say this chapter left me speechless- especially the story of the son affirmed by his dad. I read this in my vanpool and I couldn't wait to get home and share that story with my wife. Reading it aloud, I could barely get it out I was so moved. As a parent to two young kiddos, it is a stark reminder how important our affirmation is. Our words can hurt, or heal.

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