22 March 2013

in the marketplace

It is important to keep a still place in the "marketplace."  
This still place is where God can dwell and speak to us.  
It also is the place from where we can speak in a healing way 
to all the people we meet in our busy days.  
Without that still space we start spinning.  
We become driven people, 
running all over the place without much direction.  
But with that stillness 
God can be our gentle guide 
in everything we think, say, or do.
Henri Nouwen

seeking the stillness with Sandy



Sandra Heska King said...

I had marked and drafted this to use this weekend. But couldn't find a photo I loved. I'm glad I didn't. :)

Great minds think alike.

Sheila said...

It's so easy to succumb to that frenzied spinning, isn't it? Thanks for this gorgeous reminder. Dropping by from Sandy's.

Anonymous said...

"... all the people we meet in our busy days."

those are the words that caught me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this post. God has been speaking to me regarding "healing" and explaining that my words are powerful agents that may heal or harm. Your post definitely nudged me further. xoxo

Mia De Vries said...

Thank you and Henri Nouwen for this wisdom. And this still, quiet place can be maintained even when the world around us rushes, as we live in Him.

Gayle said...

Oh, I do love this quote! I think I will write it down. And the photo with it is perfect.
Have a blessed weekend,
Gayle from Behind the Gate

Jody Lee Collins said...

Karin, I too have been aware of and praying this week about my part in 'the marketplace', realizing my words of kindness can bring healing.
(and I must say I like the photo--another 'jody with a y' :-)
Thanks for sharing this Nouwen quote.

caryjo said...

When I think of Market Places I often think of/remember the main Market in downtown Kampala. I met some lovely people, was able to encourage, "seed", bless, and be blessed. And deal with some reality situations that people didn't expect a "white woman" from the West to do. So, yes, Market Place can mean a lot. Running into a grocery store here can have that effect, but I liked Kampala better than any.

Thanks for turning my mind and heart that direction.

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