20 March 2013

Bold in love

In the chapter titled Bold Brennan Manning writes:
It is natural to feel fear and insecurity when confronted with the radical demands of the Christian commitment. But enveloped in the lived truth of God’s furious love, insecurity is swallowed up in the solidity of agape, and anguish and fear give way to hope and desire.
How much time have I wasted
worrying that I am not good enough
running from the truth
that indeed I can never be good enough
and He knows, has always known
and if I could but remember
it doesn't change an iota of His great love
I could run into surrender with full abandon
and greater joy
did His first disciples know this without knowing
when they dropped their nets and followed Him?
May my love grow wide and wild
reckless and complete.

continuing on with Sarah and Jason



Fatha Frank said...

How much time have we wasted worrying? What a convicting question! Too much, I'm afraid. Thanks be to God that I can trust in Him who is true.

Anonymous said...

good post, firefly.

Anonymous said...

Love that song so much. He called with all the weight of glory and eternity behind Him. For that reason, I can let everything else go. His love never changes, never fails! Thanks Karin.

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