29 October 2009

Taking the needle

The ShotImage by Scott Ableman via Flickr

After much inner debate, questioning and prayer I decided to get in line for the H1N1 vaccine this afternoon. I didn't want to give in to fear, or a "crowd mentality" when all you hear or read in the news is about the flu. But, in 10 days I will again be visiting and caring for my mother in the States for a week, and in her immuno-suppressed condition I can't afford to shed and share viruses.

I went to a community mass immunization clinic and people watched while I sat in lines for two hours. I saw children wiggle, squeal, whine and cry, while others sat stoic and brave. Most displayed their small after injection bandaids with pride and smiles of relief.

I feel fine tonight, save the expected sore upper arm. Now, to stay healthy until the vaccine kicks in will send me back to where I started. Prayer.

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Molytail said...

We've done it here as well - or rather, the kids and I have.. husband was working all week and couldn't go the a clinic yet, hopefully this weekend.

I'm very much a people watcher too...has made for some interesting afternoons before. ;-)

Corinne said...

It's such a tough decision! I'm still battling it... though not sure when it's even going to be available here, and who for.
Hope your arm feels better :)

Molytail said...

"go the a clinic" ...mmmm, that's what I get for replying when I was 3/4 asleep last night LOL

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