31 October 2009


The Anointing of the Holy Spirit (Poetry)Image by Loci Lenar via Flickr

This is a weekend of teaching, activation and equipping at our church home. Joining us is Alistair Petrie of Partnership Ministries. This is Alistair's fourth visit with us and we are always blessed by his encouragement and his corrections. We are never sure of what he will share with us, for he often waits to sense the spiritual climate in our region as he arrives.

Yesterday, in the early afternoon, I wasn't sure why, but I was sensing that we needed to anoint the ears of the team that would be leading us in worship, that they would hear only the voice of the Holy Spirit. I shared this with the rest of the prayer team and received the green light to proceed. I anointed the ears of the prayer team as well, as a prayer to "hear" more clearly the voice of the Lord.

As Alistair began to unpack truths for us last night, one of his major themes was that God is going to restore "hearing" back to His church!

My spirit began to leap with delight, realizing that God had just given me a precious gift. He had once again confimed in a very clear way that I do hear His voice. I felt as if He was tapping me on the shoulder, turning me to face Him and saying "See! I told you!"

I am honoured and humbled that the King Almighty would choose to speak His mysteries to me. May my ears remain open, not only to hear, as Alistair said, but to listen.

And the Lord came and stood and called as at other times, Samuel! Samuel! Then Samuel answered,
Speak, Lord, for Your servant is listening.
1 Samuel 3:10 Amplified

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Teri Lynne said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

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