31 October 2009

I didn't lose Faith!

At a little after 4 this afternoon I could hear Faith barking outside, certainly not an unusual sound. I went out on the deck to see what was troubling her, only to hear growling and whining accompanying the barks. I saw her out in the bushes behind the compost pile about to tangle with what looked like a coyote. With my heart racing I began screaming her name -- "Faith!! Faith!!!" but she would not come to me. She took off chasing the other animal.

Rick has always said that a dog will never win a battle with a coyote, and heart sick I felt that I would never see my beloved dog whole again. I ran into the house to get shoes, then back out still yelling her name, to see if I could find her.

She came running back out of the trees, tail between her legs, dirty but unharmed.

I am sure someone must have been praying for us. Who ever you are, thank you!

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Mary R Snyder said...

So glad Faith made it home. I'm a dog person too and I can't imagine losing my dog Max. It would break my heart.

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