11 August 2009


As I struggle being away from the wildness of nature in the life I've grown to love, I was happy to see ducks and bunnies as we sat around the pond at the care home my father lives in.

I believe God desires to comfort and please me by giving me glimpses of His creation in the most unlikely places. We will be looking for gardens, colour, life and light as we continue our time here.

I will praise You, O Lord my God, with all my heart,
And I will glorify Your name forevermore.


Nezzy said...

This country farm chick truly enjoyed the visit to your blog today. Wildlife...got it! I have frogs in the flowers, birds in the trees, raccoons on the carport, bears in the woods and a skunk family under my house. As we say in the Ozarks, Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed evening.

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

What a cute photo! Love bunnies! We live in a rural area as well and see all sorts of wildlife!
Collette xxx
there was a frog in my kitchen the other night!

Stella said...

Although we live in an urban area in KC we live on over an acre so we have lots of bunnies and even deer in the yard. Greatpicture you captured the essence of the wild bunny in your photo.

Christi said...

The bunny is adorable! I think wild rabbits are so cute.

I really think God has his fingerprints everywhere (like a bunny inside town) but we frequently don't see it. Sometimes we are too busy, other times we just don't look.

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