22 August 2009

Hard Week

It's been a difficult week, trying to catch up with my life now that we are home again. It feels as if we were away for months, not merely 9 days.

I have shelled peas, made pickles and snapped more beans than I recall any other year, while Rick has been busy harvesting and pulling weeds.

I think this all bothers me most because I haven't had time to just sit and rest with Jesus, not at all when we were away and not much since. I'm not very good at life if I don't take time for Him to lead me. I will, in time, blog about the health issues my parents are struggling with, and the ways that affects us as grown children. Today things seemed to reach a critical point as far as making caregiving decisions, and I was not and am not prepared to deal with it all right now.

I phoned a dear friend, a sister in Christ, to ask for prayer in the middle of my meltdown. She reminded me that I shouldn't be surprised that all this would arise today, the day before I am giving the main message in church.

I felt the Lord leading me to speak on being "set apart" and "sold out", totally surrendered to Him and through this day I am being tested to see if my life will align with what I say. Will I step boldly into His presence and lay down at His feet? Will I count the cost and still choose to be obedient to His call?

In my strength, I can't even get to the end of this day. In Him, I can do whatever I must so that He will be glorified.

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