08 August 2009

Preparing to go

It's time again for our twice yearly trip to the Chicago area to visit my Mom and Dad. We drive 3/4 of the way to the airport in Winnipeg tonight. Tomorrow morning we will gather with others we can now call friends at the Vineyard in Portage La Prairie to worship and pray. Then we will finish the drive, do a bit of shopping and fly out in the late afternoon.

As Rick worked today I tended to the things that must be done before we go. I drove Faith to the kennel where she will be well taken care of until we return. I have packed, checking and rechecking to be sure we have the essentials we need. Because I always like to come home to a clean, freshly made bed, I stripped the linens this morning and replaced them with crisp fresh sheets. I washed and dried the sheets and then neatly folded, I placed them back in the linen closet.

Keeping busy seems to distract me from the thoughts whirling in my mind. What will Dad be like when we go to the care home to visit? How tired and weak will Mom be as she greets us with a hug and kiss tomorrow night? Will her biopsy scheduled for next week give the doctors any more information than the last (read about that here)?

Okay.. deep breath..pause.. remember that I serve a very big God.

I am jumping into Your arms Father, bringing all my worries with me to surrender to Your care. All I need do is abide in Your love and allow that love to work in me and through me. Have Your way, Lord God in all that I say and all that I do, that I would diminish as You expand. Give me words, Holy Spirit to speak to those dear to me that do not yet know You, that they might taste of the peace that comes from walking hand in hand with Jesus. It is in His name I pray.


you gotta wonder said...

Safe travels, dear one. You are in my prayers.

Wife of Rob said...

Praying for you sister....and for your Mom and Dad. I know that it's rough. He's bigger....

Many hugs and blessings

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Have a safe journey and thinking of you and your family.
Collette xxx

Billy Coffey said...

Travelling mercies for you and your family!

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